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Soft body jerkbait and jigging baits: Halibut, kelp, crown fish and eel.
Jigging Jerkbait with a perfect life like swim action.-Pg3.

  • Jigging Jerkbait with a through wire system.
  • Jigging Jerkbait from 9-15in.

Osprey soft body jerkbait- Jerkbait in the shape of a flounder/halibut
Soft Jigging Jerkbait-LTC59 Halibut
Length : 23cm/9in.  Weight:420g/15oz

Osprey jigging soft body jerkbait -halibut/flounder with a flipper tail

Crayfish swimbait with Zinc/lead stabliser weight:35g/1.2oz. Total weight:37/g1.3oz.Fitted with VMC hook
Osprey jigging jerk bait :3in crayfish with zinc lead stabliser weight.  Jigging bait with VMC hook

Osprey soft body jerkbait- Jerkbait in the shape of a kelp
Soft Jigging Jerkbait-LJTC51 Kelp
LJTC51-30 Length : 30cm/12in.   Weight:450g/16oz
LJTC51-40 Length: 40cm/15.7in. Weight:750g/27oz

Soft Jerkbait-LJTC55 Crown fish
Length : 24cm/9.5in.  Weight:420g/15oz
Head & body pattern enclosed within the soft body

Jigging Jerkbait-Shad with curly tail
-laminated color pattern
Code Wt Hook size Overall length
L60029 600g 1/0 jig hook+ 2
x 7/0 treble hook 

 Special : body pattern done by layer lamination not painted BODY LENGTH:24CM  Color patterns for L60029

osprey jerkbaits :  7in/19cm Eel jerkbait
Soft Jigging Jerkbait-LJTC52 Eel
Length : 19cm/7in.  Weight:60g/2.0oz

Osprey jerkbaits- 24cm/10in Mud skipper jerkbait
Soft Jerkbait-LJTC54 Mud skipper
Length : 24cm/9.5in.  Weight:290g/10oz

Osprey jerkbaits : shad jerkbait with a diving cap from 4 to 8 oz
Jerkbait with Shad rigged with lead head
Code Length
10195-6 6in x 115g/4oz
10195-10 10in x 390g/14oz
10195-8 8in x 230g8oz
Osprey soft gel jigging jerkbait -shad 8-10in
soft body shad jerkbait 10195-8
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Jigging Jerkbait color Patterns for LTC59-Hailbut
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Jerkbait and jigging bait-Color Patterns for LJTC51- Kelp 
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Jerkbait jigging bait-Color patterns for LJTC52-Eel
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Jerk and jigging bait-Color Patterns for LJTC54-Mud skipper
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Color Patterns for crown fish jerkbait LJTC55
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