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Soft gel bait-Pg1: Soft bait with glow in the dark pigment.
Soft bait frog, krill,prawn and crab.
Soft bait pattern can be customised to your requirement.

Durable soft bait or plastic lure with the ability to with stand repeated hooking.
Life like swim action soft bait. Soft lure with a highly elastic body.Prawns, crab, frog, crayfish soft bait.
For wholesale only- Soft bait or plastic lure in display or bulk pack

 Opsrey Soft baits : Crab soft bait make from TSR/ PVC
Boston crab soft bait


LWX051-80 8.0cm/3in
LWX051-100 10.0cm/4.0in
LSX051-120 12.0cm/5.0inn
10108-815 15cm/6in
Osprey Crab soft bait. Crab Soft baits from 2-6in

Osprey soft baits  Soft baits in the form of a sea worm
Osprey soft bait-  soft bait in the shape of a bug
Soft bait sea worms and bugs
Code Size cm/in
LWX5625 9.5cm/6.5in x 2g
LWX5602 6.0cm/2.4in x 2.2g

Osprey soft baits . nymph soft baits
Osprey soft baits. Sea wrom soft baits with ribbed tail  
soft bait-tapoles and sea worm
code size
LWX5611 8.0cm/3.2in x 2.0g
LWX5616 8.5cm/3.4in x 2.8g

Osprey soft baits with internal color. sea bug soft baits.
soft bait-sea bugs
Osprey soft baits with internal color patterns. soft baits in the shape of a sea bug 
code size
LWX5627 7.5cm/3.0in x 7.3g
LWX5629 7.5cm/3.0in x 6.4g

Jigging prawn soft bait rigged with 5/0 hooks
Code WT Overall length-cm
LR9000 6.7g 10
LR9050 9.2g 11
LR90180 9.7g 19

LR90180 soft bait rigged with glow bead on a 9cm Stainless leader
Color Pattern
L0soft bait crab rig017BA: crab rig:5.2x3.6in/
5 x 3in/ 3.2x 2.4in
/ 2.4x 1.8in
colour :Brown, cream, red
soft bait crab spinner Soft bait Crabs
5x8.5cm( 6in x 3.4in)
30087x35-3x 5cm
(1.2in x 2in)
30087x57--5 x 7cm
(2inx 2.3/4in)
30087x956-9.5 x 6cm
(3.75in x 2.4in)

Soft bait Crabs rigs :10107-1: 
3 x 5cm crab spinner

Soft bait- tadpole
Code size
LWX024S 7cm/2.8ion x 3g
LWX5600 6cm/2.4in x 1g

Soft baits-mirrow
Code size
LWX5619 9.0cm/3.5in x  8g

Soft bait for Jigging  with adjustable lead wt.hook 2/0
Code WT Overall length-cm
L1016LD-11 16g 11
L1016LD-9 13g 9

Osprey soft bait. Crayfish soft bait
Soft bait-cray fish
Osprey soft bait cray fish


BY06 6cm 2.1g
BY015 8cm//3.0in x 3.5g

Osprey frog soft baits.  4.8g Frog soft baits
Soft bait-Frog
Osprey frog soft baiits. Frog soft baits with long legs


LWX5603 6.0cm/2.4in x 4.8g
LWX5612 9.5cm/3.8in x 11.2g

Soft bait :Tadpole- internal color 
Code Length
LWX5622 6.5cm/2.6in x 2.3g

Soft bait :leech

Code Length
LWX5606-7.5 7.5cm/3.0in x 2.5g
LWX5606-10.5 10.5cm/4.2in x 6.4g


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