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Osprey soft baits: Bettle, worm, maggot and pupa.
Glow in the dark Soft plastic baits.-Pg3

  • Durable soft baits or soft lures to withstand multiple hooking.
  • Life like swim action soft baits.
  • Soft lures with a highly elastic body.
 Osprey soft baits. Maggot soft baits from 2-4cmOsprey soft baits. Maggot soft baits in various glow in the dark color
Maggot soft baits:color shown above including
glow in the dark soft maggot baits,
Code size
10417 3.5cm/1.4in
10417s 2.5cm/1in
10418 4cm/1.6in
Osprey soft baits. 1.6in Maggot soft baits

Glow worm or tube soft baits 
Code Size
LWX055-100 4cm/1.6in
LWX055-120 4.5cm/1.8in
LWX055-100R  4cm rigged with jig head
Special 720pc-1.8in/4.5cm glow worm in a tackle box 
Osprey soft baits- glow worm soft baits color pattern

 Osprey soft bait nymph worm with detachable claw hook. 8cm soft bait with shad tail    

8cm nymph softworm withdetachable4/0claw hook.
Body has a very tight to the hook.3pc/pk with 1 claw hook

 Osprey softbait fitted wto a detachable claw hook. Combo set of 3 body +1 claw hook

 Osprey soft baits. silkworm /catapillar  soft baits silkworm soft baits : 10065/10045
Code size
Pupa worm
10065 6.5cm/2.3in
10045 4.5cm/1.8cm
10384 9cm
10468 10mm/0.4in
PUPA #10468Length :10mm/0.4in
supplied in a pack of 50pc/bag

Minnow soft baits

Code size
LWX5610 13.5cm/5.3in x 10.3g
Glow Worm and matching Jig head
 soft bait: glow worm soft baits with jig head
Osprey soft baits.  7.2cm Baitfish soft baits
Osprey minnow soft baits. 9.2 cm Soft baits
Osprey minnow soft baits with a shad tail
Osprey soft baits. Minnow soft baits with flipper tail
bait fish soft baits
Code size
LWX5626RT-7.2 7.2cm/2.8in x 1.5g
LWX5626RT-9 9.0cm/3.5on x 5.2g
LWX5626ST 13cm/5.2in x 13g
LWX5626TT 13.2cm/5.2in x 9.2g

Mouse soft baits

Code size
LWX5609 13.0cm/5.2in x 9.5g

Osprey soft baits. 13.5cm Minnow soft baits Osprey soft baits  13cm Minnow soft baits 
 Soft baits:minnow

Code size
LWX5614 13.5cm/5.3in x 13g
LWX5613 13.5cm/5.3in x 10g

bugs and worm soft baits
Code Length
LWX5620 9.0cm/3.5in x 5.2g
LWX5631 7.5in/3.0in x 2.8g

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