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Rigs with open belly Soft gel minnow.
Fish rigged with hook.
Soft  plastic rig- rig with Eel, frog prawns rigged with a spinner blade.

  Code no Length
30028 110mm/4.4in
30029 70mm/2.8in
30030 65mm/2.6in
30031 135mm-5.3in
30032  80mm/3.2in
30033 50mm/2.0in
30127 90mm/3.5in
30128 110mm/4.3in

Crab spinner rigs
Crab spinner rig
Code no Length
30087x1585 6 x 3.4in
30087x35 1.2 x 2in
30087x956 3.8 x 2.4in
Minnow spinner rigs
soft plastic minnow spinner rigs. Rigs fitted with soft plastic worm
Code no Length
550001 6.5cm
550002 7cm
550005 8cm
550037 9cm
550038 11cm
550041 13cm
550043 5cm

frog spinner rig
Frog spinner rigs
Code no Length
550075 5cm/2in
550079 7cm/2.8in
Eel spinner rigs
spinner rigs with soft plastic eel.
Code no Length
550052 11cm
550057 13cm
550058 15cm
550059 9cm
550061 15cm
550073 3.5cm

Crayfish spinner rigs
Crayfish spinner rig
Code no Length
10081-1 8cm/3.2in

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