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Osprey Soft plastic bait. Shad with fish head jig hook-Pg6.
Soft plastic shad from 2in/5cm-12in/30cm.

Durable soft plastic bait  to withstand multiple hooking.
Life like swim action soft plastic bait.
Soft plastic lures with a highly elastic body.
Soft, fliexible and durable soft plastic bait. Soft plastic bait in bulk pack or display pack

Soft plastic bait : 3.2in shad soft bait
Soft plastic bait-Shad
Code Length
10038 8cm/3.2in
osprey soft plastic baits. 9.5-23cm Shad Soft bait for use with jighead
Soft plastic bait shad for use on jig head
Code Length
10056  9.5cm shad body
10030 11cm shad body
10322 23cm shad body

 osprey soft plastic baits : super stretch 5in soft plastic shadOsprey Super soft plastic shad with open belly to fit hooks and rigs

 Code Length 
 LMS14  14cm/5.5in

Osprey soft plastic baits- shad tail
Soft plastic bait-shad body for jig head
Code: size
10030 11cm/4,3in

Osprey soft plastic baits- shad tail 10056
Soft plastic shad body for use with jig head
Code: size
10056 9.5cm/3.7in


Soft plastic bait Shad with curly tail L32220 
Code nos wt hook size overall length
L32220 220g 1/0 jig hook 32cm/12.6in

 Osprey soft plastic baits: minnow soft bait   

Osprey soft plastic bait : minnow soft baits 10047
Soft plastic bait-
Code Length
30096  11.5cm(4.5in)
30098 8cm(3.2in)
30109 5.5cm(2.2in)
10047 11.5cm(4.5in)
10055  8cm(4.0in)
10057  5.5cm(2.2in)


soft plastic bait minnow 10037

Code length
10037 13cm-5.1in, wt:9.7g/0.3oz
10038 soft plastic bait-Shad color pattern
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10037 soft plastic bait- fish color patterns
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