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Soft baits make from soft plastic- Squid, cuttlefish and Octopus-
Soft baits with sparkle and glow in the dark pigment. Pg2

  • Durable soft baits or soft plastic lures with the ability to with stand repeated hooking.
    Life like swim action soft baits. Soft lures with a highly elastic body.soft plastic lures in the shape of :Squids, octopus, cuttlefish
    For wholesale only- Soft baits or soft plastic lure in display or bulk pack
 osprey soft baits. Squid soft baits from 12-18 cmSquid Soft baits
Code Length
10036-12 12cm
10036-15 15cm
10036-18 18cm

 Soft baits or soft plastic lures.  squid soft baits with transulent body.
Transulent body squid soft baits
Code Length
LWX052-80 8cm/3in
LWX052-100 10cm/4in
LWX052-120 12cm/5in
LWX052-150 15cm/6in
LWX052-180 18cm/7in
LWX052-200 20cm/8in

 Osprey soft baits : Octopus soft baits with spinnerbait skirtSoft baits Rigged with craw hook
Code Length
LS40010 6in/15cm

Crayfish swimbait with Zinc/lead stabliser weight:35g/1.2oz. Total weight:37/g1.3oz.Fitted with VMC hook
Osprey jigging jerk bait :3in crayfish with zinc lead stabliser weight.  Jigging bait with VMC hook
Osprey soft baits or soft lures : Squid soft baits with a hollow bodySoft baits-hollow body squid
Code Length
10033 9cm

Soft baits-Squid riged craw hook and rattle
Code Length
LS40006 6in/15cm

Baby cuttlefish
soft baits
Code Size hook nos
10145 6cm #5
Osprey soft plastic lures-mini squid or octopus soft baits with treble hook.
 Squid jerk bait . Hard body jerkbait with soft silicone tenaclesHard body  with soft bait squid tentacles
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
L23569 23.5cm/9.3in 69g/2.5oz

3/0 treble+5/0 assist hook

Osprey soft baits or soft lures : Octopus soft baits with stuffing insert
Octopus Soft baits
Code Length
L10316-7.5 7.5cm/3.0in
L10316-12.5 12.5cm/5.0in
L10316-16.5 16.5cm/6.5in
L10316-22 22.0cm/8.5in

 Osprey soft baits or soft lures : Cuttlefish soft baitsLong body cuttlefish soft baits 
Code Size hook nos
10172-7.5 7.5cm #1
10172-13.5 13.5cm #1/0

Hollow body squidwith UV
Code Length
10039-9 9in /23cm
10039-12 12in/31cm 
Osprey jerkbaits . Octopus jerkbait with soft plastic tenaclesHard body , Cuttlefish soft baits
Code Size
10212 5.5in

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