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Spinner rig with soft plastic lure. Single or double blades spinner rig.-Pg4

Frog spinner rig
Frog spinner rig
Code No.  unrigged
10009-35mm/1.4 inch
Rig with anti
fouling hooks

30075-1- 5cm/2in
Frog with spinner
550079 7cm/2.75in
Frog spinner rig

curly spinner rig
50011-Spinner rig with curly worm 6in
50012-Spinner rig with curly worm 5in


Squid skirt spinner daisy chain

Squid rig with spinner blade
Squid length 6in
Length of line: 1.7mtr/5.5ft

Spinner blade: 32mm or 1.5 in



Soft gel eel spinner rig
Eel spinner rigs
550073-Spinner rig with eelet  5cm
550061-Spinner rig with eelet  7cm
550059-Spinner rig with eelet  9cm
550052-Spinner rig with eelet  11cm
550057-Spinner rig with eelet  13m
550058-Spinner rig with eelet  15cm

prawn spinner rigModel 50081  

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crab spinner rig
Soft gel crab with flasher spinner
Spinner rig with 1.2 x 2in crab

squid skirt spinner rig

560012-Spinner rigs with 2.5" squid,
spinner blade, 30mm/1.5in
Spinner rig with 3.5" squid
560016-Spinner rig with 4.5" squid

minnow spinner rig
Minnow spinner rig
-Spinner rigs with 3.2in minnow fish
 550037-Spinner rigs with 3.5in minnow fish
 550005-Spinner rigs with 4.3in minnow fish
 550038-Spinner rigs with 4.3in minnow fish
 550041-Spinner rigs with 5.2in minnow fish

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