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Squid jig with  glow in the dark belly and legs, in soft silicone.
Squid jig from from 75mm-92mm- Pg1
Jumping prawn squid jig with either reflective or glow in the dark belly.

  • Squid jig with stainless spider hook. Squid jig from #3.0 to #3.5
    Squid jig sinking rate 3-4mtr/sec.
    Squid jig with a special position stabliser to enable it to jump when line is being jerk.

Osprey Jumping prawn Squid jig. Squid jig with glow in the dark belly. Squid jig from 75-92mm  


This squid jig swim action with a sinking rod of 3-4m/sec. is a result of  hours of testing to ensure that the  prawn squi jig sinks and jump like a real prawn 

Squid jig either in Reflective or glow in  the dark belly
Squid jig with double spider
Code  wt-g Total Wt Overall length
LU002-12 3.0 12g/0.4oz 75mm/3.0in
LU002-21 3.5 21g/0.8oz 92mm/3.6in


Special position of the weight stabliser makes the squid jig jumps like a real prawn when jerk.
This life like action of the squid jig is a killer when jerk with a slow motion on fast taper like action rod.

Some of pattern on the squid jig  is available with a rough 3D surface. 

Squid jig color patterns

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