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Stripteaser and Collapsible dredge spreader bar for stripteaser. Highly reflective laser fish. 9 & 13 anchor points dredge for stripteaser. Compact stripteaser dredge. Dredge available either in 32 or 46 in dia. 

Laser fish on stripteaser  lures will not peel off even after long period of use.
Stripteaser lures Laser fish sandwiched between 2 strips of tough PVC and heat laminated together.
Stripteaser available in length of 1mtr/3.3 ft and 1.5mtr/4.5ft.
Specially designed Collapsible spider dredge spreader bar for use with stripteaser.Collapsible dredge weights 500gm/1lb 2oz.-
The stripteaser dredge spreader bar will remains underwater even when at trolling high speed.
Stripteaser lures : 1mtr/3.3ft or 1.5mtr/4.5ft. Stripteaser lures with 4in long Laser fish : 1mtr stripteaser- 5 fish, 1.5mtr stripteaser : 7 fish.
Witchy head teasers-with brass. alu and arylic heads.

Ballyhood stripteaser is highly reflective under sunlight.

 Osprey stripteaser. Stripteaser strip width-1.6in . Length of stripteaser either in 1mtr or 1.5mtr length. Stripteaser comes with a 4in mono line connection with a #7 ball bearing swivel. 

Stripteaser rigged with either #7ball bearing swivel OR crane swivel with snap on a 4in mono line.
Stripteaser width: 40mm/1.5in wide. Laser fish 5in long.
Stripteaser length: 1mtr /1.5m/ we also handle customised length.
Osprey stripteaser. Stripteaser in length of 1mtr and 1.5mtr length  Osprey collapsible dredge for stripteaser. 32in Compact stripteaser dredge

Stripteaser packing:

  1. Stripteaser ribbon in bulk pack of 50strips/ pack
  2. Stripteaser display set in a clear plastic box: 4strips x 1mtr +1strip x 1.5mtr or 4 strips of 1mtr or 1.5mtr.
  3. Stripteaser combo: packing in a long PVC tube: 1 collapsible spider spreader bar+ 4strips of 1m stripteaser +1 strip of 1.5m stripteaser.
Witchy Teaser: with and without dredge
Witchy Teaser:3.5in &5.5in skirt length
Skirs color: radiance silver, chartuse, apple green, pink, blue, red
Length Plastic head Alu. Head Chrome brass head
0.7m/2.3ft  Nos : of heads .0.70mtr=4heads 1.0mtr=6 heads, 1.5mtr=8 heads.Each length rigged with 80lbs mono with crane swivel+snap

Compact collapsible dredge for teaseer. Dredge in 2 sizes: 27 in and 42in dia. Wt: 16oz/450g
Video showing the compactness of the stripteaser dredge.

if video does not load up, view video on you tube- click this link

Stripteaser Collapsible spider dredge spreader bar
4 legs.
Dredge comes in 2 versions.
8 anchor points overall dia : 27in.
12 anchor points: 42in

 dredge for strip teaser. Collapsible dredge

Code overall dia. Nos anchors
ASD17x3 17in /legs x 6legs 3 anchors /leg
ASD12x2 12in /legs x 6legs 2 anchors /leg
ASD17x2 17in/leg x 6legs 2 anchors/leg
ASD17x2-4 17in/leg x 4legs 3 anchors/legs
ASD12x2-4 12in/legs x 4legs 2 anchors/legs

Dredge with swivel anchor points 

TS63202-3S 36in dia x 6legs, 3 swivel anchors /leg
TS63202-2S 36in dia x 6legs, 2 swivel anchors /leg 
TS62402-2S 24in dia x 6legs, 3 swivel anchors /leg




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