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 Osprey Surf reel & baitrunner or carp reel.

 Baitrunner reel up to 10bb. Surf reel with long casting large capacity spool. 2 speeds baitrunner
 To enlarge view click on the respective surf reel/ baitrunner reel. Baitrunner with stainless BB
Osprey surf reel  or baitrunner reel with front and rear drag control

6+1BB, 2 speeds Baitrunner
code nos Gear ratio Spool Capacity mm/mtr (LB/YD)
RTS-FR40A7 4.31/6.3:1 0.3/180, 0.35/120,0.40/100
8lb/220yd, 10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd
RTS-FR50A7 4.31/6.3:1 0.35/18, 0.40/140,0.50/100
10lb/275yd, 12lb/220yd,15lb/160yd
RTS-FR60A7 3.71/5.4:1 0.4/200, 0.50/140,0.60/100
16lb/220yd, 20lb/170yd,24lb/140yd
Spool: Alu alloy. Sealed Bb
Heavy duty bale arm with specially designed wear resistance line out anchor head

 Gear ratio : 5.1:1.
Code Line capacity  Gear ratio
RHB70-A6 20lb/300yd, 25lb/260yd, 30lb/200yds
0.40/360m, 0.50/260m, 0.60/220m

7+1BB, alu spool, dual tone spool Astra.
Gear ratio:4.1:1
Code NO Line
RQ8F60-A8 16lb/220yd, 20lb/170yd, 24lb/140yds
RQ8F70-A8 20lb/250yd, 25lb/220yd, 30lb/150yds
RQ8F80-A8 20lb/300yd, 25lb/250yd, 30lb/200yds

7+1BB, alu spool, dual tone spool
Code NO Line  Gear ratio
RR9F60-A8 16lb/220yd, 20lb/170yd, 24lb/140yds 4.1:1
RR9F70-A8 20lb/250yd, 25lb/220yd, 30lb/150yds
RR9F80-A8 20lb/300yd, 25lb/250yd, 30lb/200yds



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Surf reel -baitrunner reel Gear ratio: 4.1:1
Code Spool capacity

RS3FRA6-#70 0.40/340, 0.48/230, 0.52/180

6lb/340yd, 8lb/230yd, 10/180yd

RS3FRA6-#80 0.48/260, 0.52/210, 0.6/170 8lb/260, 10/210, 12lb/170yd
Nos of bb from 6 to 13,stainless main shaft, worm drive system, anti reverse clutch fitted. Alu handle with large knob

Special Premium reels
Fully Alu. alloy frame,
Stainless gears and pinion-6+1bb.

Code NO


 Gear ratio
RSWLY40-A7 0.30/240m,0.35/180m, 0.40/140m 5.5:1
RSWLY50-A7 0.30/350m,0.35/250m, 0.40/200m
RSWLY60-A7 0.35/350m,0.40/280m, 0.50/180m 4.1:1
RSWLY70-A7 0.35/450m,0.40/380m, 0.50/250m

baitrunner reel/Free runner spinning reel Gear : 5.5 :1
Code  capacity mm/mtr
R3FR4000G4  0.30/180, 0.35/120, 0.40/100,  
 8lb/220yd,  10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd
R3FR5000G4 0.35/180, 0.40/140, 0.50/100, 
10lb/275yd, 12lb/220yd, 15lb/160yd
Graphite spool Ball Race:4  Anti reverse clutch fitted

Surf reel / Baitrunner reel; Gear ratio:4.1:1

Code mm/mtr   lb/yd*
RH3FA6-#70 0.40/340, 0.48/230, 0.52/180 6lb/340yd, 8lb/230yd,
RH3FA6-#80 0.48/260, 0.52/210, 0.6/170 8lb/260,  10/210,
Nos of bb from 6 to 13,stainless main shaft, worm drive system
anti reverse clutch fitted. Alu handle with large knob

Surf reel/ Baitrunner reel 
Gear  ratio:#2-#03:5.01:1,  #40-#60:5.5:1
Code nos Line Capacity-mm/mtr Line lb/yd
RJ3FRA6-#20 0.15/180, 0.18/150, 0.20/100 4lb/155, 6lb/110, 8lb/80
RJ3FRA6-#30 0.20/200, 0.25/150, 0.30/100 6lb/210, 8lb/170,
RJ3FRA6-#40 0.30/180, 0.35/120, 0.40/100 8lb/220, 10lb/166, 12lb/130
RJ3FRA6-#50 0.35/180, 0.40/140,0.50/100 10lb/275,12lb/220. 15lb/160
RJ3FRA6-#60 0.40/220, 0.50/160,0.60/100 16lb/220, 20lb/170. 24lb/140
Ball race from 6-10bb, , ALu handle knob, heavy duty bail arm
alu spool. Anti reverse clutch,


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