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Swimbaits with ball race within the hard head. Eel/Trout/minnow swimbaits-Pg10

-Durable soft plastic swimbaits. Life like swim action swimbaits.
Soft plastic swimbaits with a highly elastic body. Through wire system swimbaits

 Osprey swimbaits. Soft plastic swimbaits with diving lip-10103 Trout swimbaits 
Code Length Wt Hook Size
L10103-7 7cm/2.8in 6g/0.9oz #5
L10103-10 10cm/4.0in 22g/2.2oz #1
L10103-15 15cm/5.9in 36g/4.0oz 1/0
Head make from hard plastic. Body soft silicone and highly elastic. When retrieve, the Ribbed soft body allows the body and tail to offer a life like wiggles.. Action: top level down to med level Customized patterns available.
 Osprey swimbaits. Soft gel minnow swimbaits with shad tail LWX5566 Minnow swimbaits 
Code length Wt Hook size
LWX5566-6 6cm/2.0in 5.5g/0.2oz #6
LWX5566-8 8cm/3.2in 12.8g/0.45oz #6
LWX5566-10 10cm/4in 20.0/0.7oz #5
LWX5566-14 14cm/5.5in 36.0g/1.3oz #3
LWX5566-20 20cm/7.9in 115.4g/4.2oz #2/0
Fitted with 2 hooks : jig hook+ 1 treble

Osprey soft plastic swimbaits : Minnow swimbaits with a curly tail
soft gel Perch swimbaits- weighted shad
Code Length
LWX5554/60 60m/2in x 5.0g,Hook #1
LWX5554/80 80m/3in x 14.40g, 1/0
LWX5554/100 100m/4in x19.0g, 3/0

 Eel swimbaits

Code Length Wt Hook Size
L10102 13cm/5.2in 8g/0.3oz #4
 Osprey swimbaits: Swimbaits with weight stabliser LUWX5552
Minnow Swimbaits 
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LWX5552/64 64mm/2in 8g/0.3oz #1
LWX5552/86 86mm/3in 17g/0.6oz 1/0
LWX5552/120 120mm/5in 27g/1oz 4/0

Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits: Shad swimbaits with curly tail and wt stabliser-LWX5555
soft gel shad swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5555/60 64mm/2in x 5.0g,Hook:#1
LWX5555/80 80m/3in x 8.5g,1/0
LWX5555/100 100m/4in x 20.0g, 3/0
Osprey soft Swimbaits- Shad swimbaits with balancing weight
Shad Swimbaits
Code Length
LSF10092 200mm/7.9in-166g , Hook8/0
LSF10093 180mm/7.1in-114g ,7/0
LSF10094 160mm/6.3in-60g, 6/0
LSF10095 140mm/5.5in-52g, 5/0
Osprey soft plastic  swimbaits: Shad Swimbaits from 2-4 in with weight stabliser
Soft plastic Shad swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5563/60 60mm/2in x 9.7g,Hook:#1
LWX5563/80 80m/3in x 21g,:1/0
LWX5563/100 100mm/4in x 35.6g,#3/0

Osprey soft plastic swimbaits : Shad Swimbaits from 8.5g~22g
Soft gel Shad swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5564/60 60mm/2in x 8.5g,Hook:#1
LWX5564/80 80mm/3in x 11.0g,#1/0
LWX5564/100 100m/4in x 22.0g,3/0
Color patterns for 10103 minnow swimbaits
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Color patterns for 10102 eel swimbaits
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Color patterns for LSF10092 siwmbaits
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