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Pan fish , Soft hollow body Mackerel and Mouse swimbaits-Pg8

Durable soft plastic swimbaits.
Life like swim action swimbaits.
Soft plastic swimbaits with a highly elastic body

Osprey soft plastic swimbaits : Pan fish Swimbaits 10276
oft plastic pan fish swimbaits
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10276 15cm/6in 136g/5.9oz 4/0

Surface swimmer-floater. mouse swimbaits
Code size
LM5095SB 5cm x 12g + spinner blade
LM5095 5cm x 7.5g
Optional with led light inset
Osprey swimbaits : mouse Swimbaits with light

Hollow body Mackerel swimbaits with hollow body
to enable stuffing of chump /life bait 
Code nos   length
L60290   29cm/11.5in
Hollow body soft plastic swimbaits, mackerel swimbaits to stuff live bait L60290
Hollow body mackerel allows you to stuff chumps and cut up fish within the body, and the holes on the body side will release the live bait as you jerk or troll this soft lure mackerel. Thread the leader line through the nose and hook out through the specially designed holes around the tail area.

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Solid body Mackerel swimbaits with hollow tube
to thread leader line through
Code nos   length
L10559-18   18cm/7.1in-77g
L10559-15   15cm/6.0in-50g
L10559-14  14cm/5.5in-38g

Mermaid swimbaits
Code nos wt overall length
LM2314 23g/0.8oz 14cm/5in

options : hook position at the tail or breast area
hair color: black/green/red/pink/yellow

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