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Wholesale Soft plastic swimbaits: Sardine and trout.
Swimbaits with a special internal pattern. Pg4

Durable soft plastic swimbaits. Through wire system swimbaits
Life like soft plastic swimbaits. Swimbaits with glow in the dark pigment
Soft plastic swimbaits with a highly elastic body

 Osprey soft plastic swimbaits : 7~10in Sardine swimbaits with through wire from anchor to jig hook    Soft plastic Sardine swimbaits 
Code length Wt Hook size
L10448-25 25cm/10in 220g/8oz 10/0
L10448-18 18cm/7.1in 140g/5oz 6/0

 osprey swimbaits : Swimbaits available with fan or shad tail  Fully body trout swimbaits
: available with either shad tail or fan tail.
Code Length Wt Hook Size
10343 21cm/8.3in 150g/5.3oz #5/0

 Osprey Swimbaits. Lizard or Gecko shape swimbaits.   Lizard Swimbaits- floater and swims to mid level. 
Code Length
LS10281 15cm/6in
 Osprey swimbaits : Minnow swimbaits with treble and jig hooks  Soft plastic Minnow swimbaits 
Code length Wt Hook size
L10439-20 20cm/7.9in 100g/3.6oz #2/0
L10439-14 14cm/5.5in 45g/1.6oz #3
L10439-10 10cm/4in 22g/0.8oz #5
L10439-8 8cm/3.2in 14g/0.5oz #6

Soft plastic Swimbaits with
OUR SPECIAL inlay laminated pattern
Code Nos  Spec.
LJW15100  15cm x 100g
LJW20180 20cm x 180g

Color selection can be customized to suit


Soft plastic Mud skipper swimbaits
Code length Wt Hook size
L10440-11 11cm/4.3in 40g/1.45oz #5 x2
L10440-9 9cm/3.55in 26g/0.9oz #8 x 2
L10440-7.5 7.5cm/3in 17g/0.6oz #10 x 2
 Osprey swimbaits : mudskipper swimbaits color pattern 

 Osprey swimbaits : Trout swimbaits from 4 to8 in  Serrated body trout swimbaits .- life like wiggling tail
and lower body, perfect swim motions.

Code Length Wt Hook Size
10265-12 12cm/4.7in 24g/0.9oz #1
10265-16 16cm/6.3in 62g/2.2oz 2/0
10265-20 20cm/7.9in 114g/4.0oz 3/0

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Color patterns- swimbaits 10265 N 10343

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