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Osprey Soft gel Swimbaits: 3~5in. Maker offers swimbaits on wholesale
Swimbaits with side /top or bottom hooking position.-Pg7

Durable soft plastic swimbaits. Through wire system swimbaits
Swimbaits with a Life like swim action. Soft plastic swimbaits with a very elastic body.
Sinking swimbaits with a weighted body. Swimbaits in bulk or display pack.

Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits . Soft body swimbaits from 3-6in 
Whit- full body Whit soft plastic swimbaits



LSF10144-14 14cm/5.5in single hook 8/0+treble2/0--62g
LSF10144-115 11.5cm/4.5in single hook 7/0+treble #1--36g
LSF10144-95 9.5cm/3.7in single hook 6/0+treble#3--22g
LSF10144-75 7.5cm/3in single hook 3/0+treble #6--10g

Osprey  soft plastic Swimbaits . Minnow swimbaits with shad tail
 Full body Minnow soft plastic swimbaits



LWX5558-60  6cm/2in, 8.0g  Hooks: #1 + #6
LWX5558-80 8cm/3.0in ,14.0g H  ooks #1 + #6
LWX5558-100 10.0cm/4.0in,23.7g Hooks #2/0 + #1
LWX5558-120 12.0cm/5.0in ,42.0g, Hooks #3/0 + #1/0
Osprey  soft plastic Swimbaits . Soft body Trout swimbaits from 3-6in
Trout plastic swimbaits Version 2
Code  Length
LS10192-16 16cm/6.in , 122g/4.3oz, 8/0, treble3/0
LS10192-13  13cm/5.2in 64g/2.3oz, 7/0+treble2/0
LS10192-10 10cm/4.in-, 29g/1.0oz, 5/0 + 1-treble#4
LS10192-8  8cm/3.2in,15g/0.60oz, 3/0 + 1-treble#5
LS10192-6 6.5cm/2.6in-t:8g/0.30z.1/0 +1-treble#8

Osprey soft plastic Swimbaits : Perch Swimbaits from 2- 5in with jig hook+ treble hook
Perch soft plastic swimbaits
Code Length Hook size WT:
LWX5561-60 6cm #1/0+ #8(treble) 9.7g
LWX5561-80 10cm #3/0+#4 treble 21.0g
LWX5561-100 10cm #5/0+ #3 treble 35.6g



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Osprey  soft plastic Swimbaits . Soft body Trout swimbaits from 2-7in
Trout soft plastic swimbaits



LSF10169-18 18cm/7.1in single 8/0+ treble3/0-102g
LSF10169-15 15cm/6in single 7/0+treble#2/0--58g
LSF10169-11 11cm/4.3in single 5/0+treble#3- 22g
LSF10169-8 8cm/3.2in single 3/0+treble#4-12.0g
LSF10169-6 6cm/2.4in single 1/0+treble #8 -6.0g


Osprey soft plastic swimbaits : Mullet swimbaits  with a curly tail
Soft plasticmullet swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5560/80 80mm/3in x 13.0g,Hook:#1/0
LWX5560/100 100m/4in x 19.0g,Hook:3/0


Color patterns for 10144 -whit swimbaits
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Patterns for 10192- Perch swimbaits
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