Osprey Fishing tackle : Maker for fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing lures.Osprey Fishing Tackle

Manufacturer of : Fishing rods. fishing reels and lures.



Osprey offers for wholesale Fishing Tackle and Fishing Accessories.

Tackle: mono line  and wire. Float and crack Light, Jighead and assist hooks, Sinkers and swivels

Accessories: handy tool, gaff hook and gimbal and harnes, landing net and keep net,scale  and winders.

crane, barrel, rolling swivel and snaps crack light or glow stick
Crack light, floats and swivel
lead sinkers  heavy duty swivelPVC coated sinkers 
lead sinkers and PVC coated sinkers 
 Jig head fish head jig head
weedless hook
Jig heads and weedless hook
hook rig assist hooks
Assit hooks, hook rigs and crimps
rod podrod holder
Rod pods and rod Stands
 rod pods
rod holderrod holder
Rod pods and rod Stands
 remote control bite alarmalarm sensor
Bite alarm and sensors
alarm bellalarm sensor
led lightlight for squid jig
Mini led light/sensors & elect jig
 fish keeperfish keeper
Fish keepers
 nets and  trapsfish keeper
Traps and fish keeper
gaff hook
Gaff/harness and gimbals
landing netlanding net
Landing net
hook tierhook tier
windertackle box
Handy tools and specialised tackle box
 lure keeperlure bag make to your spec.
tool box
Tackle box and lure bags
rod tube

lure holder
PVC tube for rods and lure bag
umbrellachair for fishing
scalefishing jersey
Scales/ jersey /umbrella/chairs


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