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General purpose tackle box and lure keeper box.
Tackle box with removal tabs to resize compartment -Pg3

Model: AC21950
Empty line winder box
comes with 8 spool of
EVA coil for winding of
leader line and it's hooks

Double sided tackle box
 18 x 11 x5cm

AC15940: empty winder box
AC15946: comes with 6 spools of EVA winder coil

Fittings box:2 layer
 8cm x 9cm x 4cm x 20compartments

 tool and tackle box Ac18756AC18756  18cm x 7cm x 3cm 




 tackle box AC2140
 20 x 14 x 4cm x 12compartments

Life bait box
 life bait keeper box ach319ACH319


life bait keeper pail ac9035AC9035 :
90mm x 35mm


life bait keeper pail ach9055

AC9055:90mm x55mm

 Tackle box withVent hole around the basedouble sided tackle box



or   5.7in x 3.8in x 1in 

small tackle display box ac543721




Small shelf display box :
54x 37x 21mm
Ideal for packing jighead/hooks/swivels and small accessories

 crankbait keeper boxLure box -Special for crank bait:
length of lure up to:115mm(4.5in)-

large for length of lure  up to 160mm(6.3in)--

 ACZY5010: Combination bait and tackle box with waist /should strap.

Lure box-
205 x 130 x40
Model: ACH328A:
260 x 190 x 45mm
(10.2in x 7.5 x 1.8in)
 3 decks tackle box
 AC81677: 163 x 155 x 137mm- small
 AC81698:158 x 168 x 185mm- large

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