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Trolling Accessories- Planer ,skidder, Dipsy Diver, running diver.
Trolling planer and skidder make from arylic board.

 Trolling planer. Will not crack under sunlight trolling planerTrolling planer /Skidder boardfrom hard ABS,
will not crack under sun light
Code Length Width
LTF105L 26.7cm/10.5in 12.7cm/5.0in
LTF105M 20.7cm/8.1in 9.8cm/3.9in
LTF105S /17.7cm/7.0in 8.4cm/3.3in

 Osprey trolling  accessories Dipsy diver .
trolling Dipsy Diver

code Size
FDF13392 5.3in x 3.6in

 osprey trolling accessories : trolling planer  or skidder in hard ABSTrolling planer and skidder boat

code Size
LP28016 6.3in x 3.3in
LP15012 4.7im x 2.2in

Osprey trolling accessories : Trolling Dipsy Diver
Trolling Dipsy diver
code Size
FDE1007 4in x 2.8in
 Osprey trolling accessories : Trolling planer board. planer /skidder board in hard foamHard foam planer skidder
Code length/in width/in Weight
L90208 8.0in 3.2in 3.3in
Running Trolling diver. Running Trolling diver from150-250g.
Running trolling diver
code Size
AC1001520-150 4in x 150g/5.4oz
AC1001520-200 4in x 200g/7.2oz

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