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Trolling teaser : Sparrow and Hawk.
Sparrow or Hawk in a daisy chain set.

Trolling teaser: Sparrow teaser daisy chain. Teaser chain with 5 trolling lure and one hawk.Sparrow daisy chain








Teaser hawk color 
Code Size
LSP512-5 5in
LSP512-7 7in


sparrow trolling teaserSparrow teaser

Code Size
30172 44g x 10.8 x 7.8cm
30169 20.5cm x 12.8cm -144g
30170 14.8cm x 9.8cm-114g
30171 14.4cm x 9.2cm-100g
30172 10.8cm x 7.8cm-44g
Osprey trolling teaser hawk 30167-144g Osprey trolling teaser hawk in 2 tone color-weight 144g
Osprey black and white trolling teaser hawk weight-100g

Trolling teaser Sparrow hawk- material : ABS
Code Size
L514B-9 9in
L514B-13 13in
Sparrow hawk trolling teaser
trolling  teaser sparrow hawk
sparrow hawk teaser 

Sparrow teaser with squid skirtsOsprey trolling teaser planer/sparrow with squid skirt 10201
Code Size
L10201 7in
L10200 9in






Trolling teaser Wooden Sparrow hawk 510
Code Size
LSP510B-3 3in
LSP510B-5 5in
LSP510B-6 6in
LSP510B-7 7in
LSP510B-10 10in
LSP510B-13 13in
Opsrey Wooden treaser hawk. Teaser hawks fitted with arcylic wings
Wooden sparrow hawk teaser , with Acrylic fins

Sparrow  teaser LSP512B: with squid skit
 or with feather skirt
Osprey trolling teaser sparrow hawk with feather and squid skirt

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