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Trolling lure with translucent acrylic head.
Trolling lure with mylar or acrylic hair skirt.- Pg7
Osprey Trolling lure from 6-9in.
Osprey Trolling lure fitted with double UV squid skirt with or without laser plating
Trolling lure with your own logo eyes.

CLEAR ARYCLIC  head trolling lure 
code Head size  Overall Length
LBNT21/9 30mm/1.2in 9in
LBNT21/11 33mm/1.3in 11in

Transulcent trolling lure with squid ksirt Acrylic Translucent head trolling lure

Code Head_length Length-overall
LO201R1 17mm/0.6in 6in
LO201R3 25mm/1.0in 8in
LO201R4 27mm/1.1in 8.5n
 Osprey Trolling lure with a transulent head to reflect sunlight. Trolling lures fitted with mylar or squid skirtTranslucent Acrylic head trolling lure
Code Head_length Length-overall
LO201R2 25mm/1.0in



Translucent Acrylic head  trolling lure with acrylic hair

Code Head_length Length-overall
LO201R6 20mm/0.8in 8in
 clear head trolling lureTranslucent Acrylic head trolling lure
Code Head_length Length-overall
LO201R5 25mm/1.0in 9in

Osprey Acrylic jet head trolling lure. Super clear trolling lure head with 4 jet holes
LBNT  JET Acrylic head trolling lures- clear/color tone

Code Head length Length-overall
LBNT22-9 35.5/1.4in 9in
LBNT22-11 45mm/1.8in 11in


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