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Trolling teasers-Flasher board and twisters.
Flasher board in color arcylic.
Flasher board: pear shape/triangle and pear shape.

 Trolling flasher board  with laser film overlay. Angled arcylic board FlasherTrolling Flasher board
code Size
FA2165 8.3in x 2.6in
FA2578 9.8in x 3.0in
FA28593 11.2in x 3.7in

Acrylic board color


color board for sole flasher board 

Trolling Flasher board
code Size
FD14784 5.7in x 3.3in
Oval shape flasher boardflasher board
Osprey trolling Flasher board. Pearshape trolling flasher board  

Trolling Delta shape
Flasher board
code Size
FB2414 9.5 x 5.5in
 Mylar film pattern  for trolling flasher board

 Mylar film for trolling flasher board.

mylar pattern for flasher

Trolling teaser flasher board with rotating wane.


upper width/in bottom width/in


1.6in/40mm 2.2in/mm
LS19560 7.7/195mm 2.0/50mm 2.4/60mm
LS24575 9.6/245mm 2.4/60mm 3.0/75mm
LS28590 11.2/285mm 2.6/65mm 3.5/90mm


Trolling teaser Osprey rotating propeller wane twister

Propeller  spinner  for trolling teaser. Propeller twister for trolling lure
rotating wane teaser  


WR30 30mm long x 18mm dia
WR20 20mm long x 14mm dia
raattle twister with skirt 

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