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Witchy Trolling lure . Jet and non jet  Witchy Trolling lure with bushy arcylic hair.Goblin head or square head with 3D eyes.
Trolling lure Pg9.

  • Osprey Trolling lure from 7-14in.
  • Osprey Trolling lure fitted with double UV squid skirt with or without laser plating
  • Trolling lure with your own logo eyes.

Witchy trolling lure bullet head,skirt with/without mylar
Code Head_length Length_overall
L200SH1 2.6in 11.5in
L200SH2  2.2in 10in
L200SH3  1.9in 9in
L200SH4  1.4in 7in
L200SH5 1in 6.5in

 witchy trolling lure with 3 D eye
Witchy trolling lures Square head with 3d eye

Code Head_length Length
L200SH10 8in 1.2in

Clear poly carbonate jet head
  withcy trolling lure
Code length
L200T6-13 13cm / 5.2in
L200T6-10.5 10.5cm /4in
L200T7-11 11cm/4.3in
L200T7-7.5 7.5cm/3in

Witchy trolling lure Square head with rolling eye

Code Length_overall Head_length
L200S8H  8.5in 1.2in
L200S9H  6.5in 0.7in


Bright chrome ABS / multi jet head trolling lures
Code length Head_length/dia
LO201R33 26.5cm/10.5in dia:3.3cm/1.3in, length:2.5in

Jet head trolling lures, skirt color

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Brass jet head

Goblin head witchy trolling lure
Code Head_dia


L200SH7H 1in 7.5in

Osprey witchy jet trolling lures 201r33 with arylic hair skirt

 Witchy jet trolling lures red/white skirt 



Witchy jet trolling lures-pink/white skirtWitchy jet trolling lures- green/yellow skirtJet head -witchy trolling lures- yellow/white skirt


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