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Hard chrome brass head trolling lures.
Non jet brass head trolling lures with double UV skirts.-Pg7
Osprey Brass head trolling lures fitted with double UV squid skirt with or without laser plating.
High spin bullet shape Brass head trolling lures from 5-9.5in.

hard chrome brass trolling lureTrolling lures: Slant Brass head

code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200E1 57mm/2.2in, 106g

9.5 in

L200E2 47mm/1.9in 67g 7.5 in
L200E3 37mm/1.5in 35g 6.5 in
L200E4 24mm/0.9in 14g 5.5 in

Bullet head hard chrome brass head trolling lureTrolling lures : Brass head--Series 200F
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200F1 18mm/0.7in, 10g

4.0 in

L200F2 22mm/0.9in 13g 5.0 in
L200F3 23mm/0.91in 23g 6.0 in
L200F4 26mm/1.0in 46g 7.5 in
L200F5 30mm/1.2in 69g 8.5 in

Bullet shape brass head trolling lureTrolling lures : Brass head
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200D44 10.0mm/0.4in, 12g

3.5 in

Trolling lures : Brass head
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200D69 17.0mm/0.7in, 76g

6.5 in

 Osprey Brass head trolling lures from 4 to 8.5in
Trolling lures : Brass head--Series 200K
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200K1 14mm/0.6in, 11g

4.0 in

L200K2 18mm/0.7in 13g 5.0 in
L200K3 20mm/0.8in 26g 6.0 in
L200K4 32mm/1.3in 48g 7.5 in
L200K5 32mm/1.3in 75g 8.5 in

Stainless steel head trolling lureTrolling lures : Stainless steel head-d80/81
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200D80 20mm/0.8in, 78g


L200D81 18mm/0.7in 45g 5.0in

round brass head trolling lure Trolling lures : Brass head
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200D82 6.0mm/0.3in, 12g

3.5 in

Shirt color or pattern shown is only an example, All these trolling lures's skirt can be changed to suit your requirment. Note that all these trolling lures
uses 2 layers of skirts. Color combination can be selected From this pattern range- click to view



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Clear Resin head

Trolling lures : Brass head--Bullet Shape
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200H1 18mm/0.7in, 9g

4.5 in

L200H2 20mm/0.8in 11g 5.0 in
L200H3 23mm/0.91in 25g 6.0 in
L200H4 30mm/1.2in 47g 7.5 in
L200H5 34mm/1.3in 80g 8.5 in

Brass B series available either
 with squid or feather skirts


Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200B1 16mm/0.6in, 80g

4.0 in

L200B2 22mm/0.9in 14g 5.0 in
L200B3 23mm/0.91in 29g 6.0 in
L200B4 30mm/1.2in 64g 7.5 in
L200B5 31mm/1.21in 85g 8.5 in
 Osprey trolling lures with  bullet shape brass head. Brass head trolling lures with double skirtTrolling head available either in
 Brass or Alu- Series 200A.
code Head_size Head_Wt  Length overall
L200A1 22mm/0.9in, 9g

4.5 in

L200A2 24mm/0.95in 14g 5.0 in
L200A3 30mm/1.2in 24g 6.0 in
L200A4 30mm/1.2in 56g 7.5 in
L200A5 35mm/1.4in 71g 8.5 in

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