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Tuna lure  or Tuna jig with feather or squid skirts.

Resin head and lead head Tuna lure.
Tuna lure with squid skirt or feather skirt. 

Tuna clone with lead inser
Code Length
L20147-6.5 6.5in
L20147-4.5 4.5.in

with lead insert

Resin head Tuna lure with featherClear poly head tuna lure  with feather skirt
Code Length
L201A35 6.in

Tuna lure with feather  & squid skirt
Code Length
L30102-6.5 6.5in
L30102-4.5 4.5.in

 Craw hook with feather Tuna lure . Tuna lure from 10-16gTuna jig with  feathers
Code Wt
218-1 1g/0.04oz
218-1.5 1.5g/0.05
218-2.5 2.5g/0.09
218-4 4g/0.14oz
218-6.5 6.5g0.2oz
218-9 9g/0.3oz
218-12 12g/0.4oz
218-16 16g/0.6oz

Tuna lure with Squid skirt
Code Length
LO30160 53g x 6.in

Tuna lure Dolphin Devil
Code Length
LO20160 53g x 6.in

Feather skirt tuna lure
Code Length
L201A6Y 14cm/5.5.in

tuna lure with feather skirt
Tuna lure with feather
Code Length
L201A37 6.in

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