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Hard plastic crankbaits : Wobbler or Crankbaits from 75 to 80mm-Pg3

Crankbaits with halographic finish.
Crankbaits with Treble coats of hard epoxy finish to prevent scratches.
Ratting sound within body of crankbaits.

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 71mm popper Crankbaits
 Froggie Poppy crankbaits-
Body length:71mm(2.8in).Wt:10.2g/0.36oz 
Hook size:
:#6 treble.  Line test:6-12 lbs.Loud ratting sound, with a balance body.  Popper skims the surface with a smooth dipping dive action.

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 73mm top level Crankbaits
LD73 Bomber crankbaits
Holographic finish with etched
lateral line and  3D eyes.
Body length: 73mm(3.0in) .
Overall length including lip : 93mm(3.7in)
g/0.60oz .Hook size::#4 treble
Max possible cast distance:20mtrs
The bill is designed to provide a fast deep diving action.Generating a loud rattling notice.Holographic pattern is most effective in any light conditions.

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 75mm diving Crankbaits
LD75N- Duckbil crankbaits -
Body length: 3.0in/75mm. Wt:11.5g/0.4oz
Hook: 2 x #6. Long and large lip.
Dive to :3mtr/10ft below surface and float back to surface when line slack.

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 75mm diving Crankbaits
LM75M-Water devil crankbaits
below surface skimmer 
Body length: 3.0in/75mm. Wt:8.5g/0.30oz
Hook: 1 x #8. Special wide square lips with deep scoop, enable a high wobbling action when retrieved..
Dive to :1.5mtr/5ft below surface


Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 75mm popper Crankbaits
LF75B Bass Popping crankbaits

Holes on the gills generates bubbles.
Body length:75mm/3in,Overall:110mm/4.3in. wt:10g/0.4oz. hooks: 2 x #6

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 72mm fast diving Crankbaits LD72 Zombie crankbbaits-diver.
Length:72mm/2.8in, wt15g/0.5oz
Overall length:142mm/6.6in,
The Hump back creates a lumpy swim action
like an sick fish.

LD 75. Salamander crankbaits.
Body Length: 75mm/3.0in
Double split body with a special angled joint,
enable it to wiggler like wounded fish.
Overall length:90mm, wt:11g/0.4oz.

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 80mm surface swimming Crankbaits
LF80- Tadpole crankbaits.
Wt:9g/0.3oz, Hooks: 2 x #6
Surface swimmer,without a rudder lip,
wobbler darts upward when retrieved,
Body length:80mm/3.2in, overall length:110mm/4.3in.

LF80F Puffy crankbaits

Slots from the popper's mouth generates a high volume of bubbles when retrieved. Supplied either with/without feather teaser.Loud rattling noise.Wt:15g/0.5oz
Body length:80mm/3.2in. Hooks: #7 and #4
Overall length:110mm/4.4in.

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 80mm 2 section split body Crankbaits
LM80S: Gobbie crankbaits.
Length;80mm/3.2in wt:13.5g hooks:#6 x 2.
From surface to just below water surface.

Osprey Crankbaits with halographic finish. 80mm 2 sect.split body Crankbaits
Wiggler crankbaits.
Body length: 80mm(3.2in) .
Overall length including lip +hook,120mm(4.7in)
Mid- level swimmer.Wt:
7.2g/0.25oz. Hook size:#8 treble
Max possible cast distance:35mtrs. The Wiggler with it's
split body and a balanced gravity wiggles like a sick fish .

LM803-Perch crankbaits ; 80mm/3.2in x 12g
4 sections Mid level swimmer.
Dive to a max depth of 2-4mtr.
Flapping sound when wobbler body's section flaps.

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Pattern available for any of the wobblers shown in this page  Electronic wobbler - click this link

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