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Hard Plastic bait: hard bait or crankbait from 90-100mm-Pg5

Hard bait with halographic finish.
Hard bait with Treble coats of hard epoxy finish to prevent scratches.
 Ratting sound within body of hard bait.

Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .90mm multi split hard bait.
Hard bait S
lick minnow.
Body :90mm/3.5in.Overall:106mm/4.2in. Wt:9g/0.3oz Mid level swimmer, slim and slick, 

Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .90mm diving hard bait.
LF90TL: Hard bait Dipping minnow-
Surface floater :90mm/3.5in.
Wt:9.5g/0.34oz. Hooks: :2 x #6.
Slow wobbler down to a max depth of 0.7~1.2mtr.

 Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .95mm diving hard bait.
 Hard bait
Snake head.A fast diver.
Slim body shape wobblers with a high side way movement..
Body length:95mm/ 3.7in.
Overall length:150mm/6.0in, Wt: 12g/0.4oz.

Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .95mm minnow diving hard bait. 
: Hard bait Minnow 
Fast diver
 Hook: 2 x #6
Body length: 90mm/3.6in.Wt:10g/0.4oz
Overall length including lip+hook:118mm/4.2in
Swim action : Mid level swimmer 1.5 to 2.5m

LD100-5S.-Hard bait Perch.
100cm/3.9in. Wt:25g/0.9oz
Split body:5 sections.Swims with a Loud cranking sound. Hooks 2 x #4. Wobbler down to a dept of 3-5mtrs. Deep water diver. 
color patterns on page 2/2
Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .90mm top level hard bait.
LF90X: Hard bait Shad .Body length:90mm/3.5in,
Overall length:110mm/4.3in. Wt:10g/0.4oz.
Floater:surface swimmer, wobblers just below surface.

Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .93mm diving hard bait.
-Hard baitTioman Diver.
Swims with fast diving action.
Body : 3.7in/93mm.Wt:10g/0.40oz.
Hook:2 x #6 Dive to :2mtr/6.5ft below surface.

LF100 Hard bait Stark:
Mid level swimmer. Hooks:#4 x 2,
Body length:100mm/4in, Overall length 135mm/5.3in, wt:17g/0.6oz

 Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .95mm diving hard bait.
Hard bait Jack K
nife V2
  Hook: 2 x #6
Swim with a high wobbling action.
 Body length: 3.8in/95mm. Wt:8.5g/0.30oz ,
Dive to :1mtr/3.5ft below surface

Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .90mm diving hard bait.
LM90S-Hard bait Arowana .
Mid level swimmer:1.5m~2m
Body :90mm,/3.6in,
Overall:118mm/4.6in, Wt:9g/0.3oz, 
Hook 2 x #6.  Fast Diving action.

LM91 Hard bait
Mid-level swimmer.Wt:14.3g/0.50oz
Body length: 91mm(3.6in) Hook size::#6 treble
Overall length including lip+hook: 155mm(6.1in)
 Max possible cast distance:30mtrs
The Scooper can suspend at depth down to a max of 6ft.depending on the line tension.

Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .90mm diving hard bait.
LF90: Hard bait Dropper:
Floater: Body length: 90mm/3.6in, Wt: 8g/0.3oz
Overall length:105/4.2in. Just below surface skimmer.

Osprey Hard bait or crankbait .90mm diving hard bait.
LD90E Hard bait So
Fast Diver. Wt:16g/0.6oz
Overall 145mm/5.1in, Step lip: creates a jerking motion

 Hard bait Aligator  Body length:100mm/4in
Bottom swimmer,with a high angle lips to generates water bubbles.Overall length:135mm/5.3in, 18g/0.65oz

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Pattern available for any of the hard bait shown in this page            Electronic hard bait - click this link

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