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Hard Plastic crankbaits: frog, prawn,squid and insect.-Pg9
Hard plastic insert shape crankbaits with halographic finish.
Crankbait with skirts and Treble coats of hard epoxy vanish to prevent scratches.
Ratting sound within body of crankbait.

 LYCS048: Bee crankbaits, diver to 0.5m
below surface
 Length :37mm     Weight: 3.6g
  Osprey non fish shape crankbaits. toad crankbaits
LFG60- Toad crankbaits

 Swim action. jerking surface swimmer
 Body length:60mm/2.4in
 Osprey non fish shape crankbaits. Frog crankbaits
Frog crankbaits
Code Body length Wt Swim depth
LW058 6cm 8g 0.5-1.5 mtr
 Osprey non fish shape crankbaits. Cicada crankbaits
Cicada crankbaits LHL06
Wt:8.7g, x 5.8mm, Treble #6 hook
Hardbody squid crankbaits -soft gel skirt
Code Body length Wt Swim depth
LWB20 7cm 15.5g 0.5-2.5 mtr
Overall length : 14cm 
Skirt patterns-- See this page
  Osprey non fish shape crankbaits. Grasshopper crankbaits
LYCS047: grasshopper crankbaits, diver to 0.5m below surface Length :46mm   Weight: 4g
 LYCS045: lady bird crankbaits,diver to 0.3m below surface Length :45mm  Weight: 10.5g. click on image
to view color patterns.

color T01-05

Frog crankbaits color T11-15

Frog crankbaits color pattern

Prawn -Jerk baitPrawn -crankbaits /Jerk bait

Code Nos


L126-8 8cm/ 3.2in , hook #8 x2
L126-10 10cm/4in, hook #6 x 2
Color selection can be customised to suit
: mouse crankbaits,
 Length :72mm     Weight: 19g

Frog crankbaits -color T06-10
Frog crankbaits -color T16-20
 grass hopper crankbaits
LW56: 45mm x 4g Floating grasshopper crankbaits
 frog crankbaits color pattern
Frog crankbaits color
 Bumper bee crankbaits
LHL58 Bumper Bee crankbaits
:Floater Wt: 4g
Length : 4cm. 2 x #6 or #8 treble hooks.


Hard body crankbaits with squid tentacles
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
L23569 23.5cm/9.3in 69g/2.5oz

3/0 treble+5/0 assist hook

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