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Maker and wholesales Fishing Tackle: Rods, reels, soft and hard lures

Osprey 2 speeds spinning reelOsprey 2 speeds jigging reels        

Osprey high carbon spinning rods  

Osprey Squid skirts from 2 to 16inOsprey jet head trolling lures   

Osprey electronic digital scale with fish lip gripperLed light for Deep water, Led light water proof up to 720m/2000ft   

This is a B2B website showing the range of fishing tackle that we make. All items on wholesale only. WE do not handle Retail


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Maker of Fishing Rods, Reels and Lures since 2000. Our manufacturing programme for fishing tackle covers:

Fishing rods: rolled carbon and fibreglass blank. Special unbreakable spiral warp blank rods ( similar to the Ugly stick concept)
Fishing reels : Big game 2 speeds reel , 2 speeds jigging reels. 1 and 2 speeds spinning reels. Baitcasting and boat reels. Fly reels.
Lures : trolling, swimbaits, soft and hard crankbaits.

This is a B2B website we do not handle retail. Wholesale and make to order only

This site shows all the items that are in our manufacturing programme.
We do not handle retail. Email us the item code nos and we will offer a wholesale price.


    Fishing Rods Types of rods: Hollow blank carbon or fibreglass Spinning, casting and surf rods. Telescopic rods

Spiral wrap rod: Spinning & casting
osprey spiral wrap spinning and casting rod

Spiral wrap rod: Game: trolling and Jigging rods
Osprey Game rod: trolling and jigging rod

Hollow blank High carbon /fibreglass spinning and surf rods
Osprey Carbon spinning rods : rods from 6 to 9ft. Light and heavy action spinning rod

Hollow blank high carbon casting rods.
Osprey High carbon casting rod. Casting rods from 5 to 7ft , ultra light to medium heavy action

Telescopic rods: spinning and surf rods.Opsrey Telescopic rods: Spinning rods from 5ft to 13ft

High Carbon Fly rods
Osprey high carbon fly rods. Fly rods from #3-#12.  Fly rods from 6 to 9ft. 2 to 2 sections fly rods

    Fishing Reels: Spinning reels, Baitcasting reels. Fly reels. Boat and Game reels. Jigging reels 

Spinning reels available with 1 or 2 speeds.Osprey 2 speeds spinning reels . spinning reels from #3 to #7
Fly reels
Osprey fly reels. Fly reel with anti reverse clutch.

Bait runner reels: 1 and 2 speeds
Osprey 2 speeds baitrunner spinning reels. Baitrunner spinning reels from #4 to $6

Bait casting reels up to 10BB
Closed face baitcasting reels. Baitcasting reels with magnetic n centrigual brakeOsprey Drum baitcasting reels . Baitcasting reels with magnetic casting brake

 Game reels: trolling reels from 20W-100w
Dual drag system
Osprey Big game reel. Game trolling reel from 30~100w. Dual drag and 2 speed trolling reels

Jigging reels:
Osprey 2 speeds jigging reels. Jigging reesl from 15 to #20

Lures : Trolling, skirts, softbaits and hardbaits. Spoons and Spinners 

Trolling lures resin head and chrome head
Osprey Trolling lures. Trolling lures with hard Poly resin head from 4 to 10in
Soft and Hard swim baits
osprey hard body swim bait. Swimbaits with slited body for a perfect swim action
Osprey softplastic swim baits. Swimbaits from 1 to 6inRigs and SabikiOsprey sabiki rigs . Sabiki rigs with softbaits or with  feathers

Trolling dredges and teasers
Osprey swivel dredges with stainless bar. Dredge from 12 to 36in arms
Crankbaits or hard plastic baits
osprey hard plastic crankbaits or wobblers. Crankbaits or wobblers from 1 to 6in.Spoons and spinnerbaits
Osprey spinnerbaits . spinnerbaits with oval or triangle spinning blade

  Squid skirts from 1.5 to 16ins
Osprey Squid or Octopus skirts. Squid Skirts from 1.5 to 16in. UV skirtsSquid jigs
Osprey squid jigs from 3/0 to 6/0. Hard plastic squid jigs


 Soft baits
Osprey softbaits. Soft plastic baits from frogs to worms , prawns and shads Lead jigs and vibe
Osprey jigging lead jig . Lead fish jig from 60g to 300g
Osprey Vibe jig. Vibe from 60g to 150g


 Accessories : Electronic lights and handy tools

Electronic Ledlight for traps and lures
Lead jig for deep water. water proof up to 400mtrs

Mono and braids lines. Leader lines
Osprey super strong 8 strand braided line from PE! to P8


 Jig heads and sinkers
Osprey jigs, ball and fish head jig heads
Osprey lead and tungstern sinkers from 5g to 100g

 Hand tools and accessories
Rod pod , single and multi rod stand. Fishing rod pod for bite alarmshoulder strap for game reel support. Harnes  belt

Hard lure bag for crankbaits and lead jigssabiki keeper. Special rack for keeping sabiki bait in orderfishing bells. Bells from 6 to 10mm in dia. Clip on slip on fishing bellsGame fishing gimbal belt. Gimbal belt in hard plastic and aluminum. Gimbal belt from 9 to 18in wideFishing line. Mono line, Braided line and leader line.Lure bag. Trolling lure bag. Lure bag from 1 to 10 pockets. Good for trolling lure from 4 to 12inFishing rod bag. Rod bag with protective hard inner linning. Rod bag from 1.2 to 1.6mtrFishing net. landing net with fold down head. Landing net from 20in to 3ft wide had gimbal belt with swivel head. Fishing lead sinkers. Sinkers from ball to pendulum. and sanb bank sinkerselectronic bite alarm. Carp fishing bite alarm. Bite alarm with led light and soundElectronic fishing scale. Fishing scale from 5kg to 25kg

Company history : Operation started since 2000.
Status : A joint venture operation between a Singaporean with mainland Chinese partner,
Contact : email: 
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Manufacturing programme: Rods: hollow blank high carbon or fibreglass spinning, casting, surf and telescopic rods.
  Special unbreakable heavy duty game rods. Game rod : trolling and Jigging with a spiral wrap construction similar to the ugly stick concept.
  Reels ; spinning and casting reels . Game reel : 2 speed trolling and jigging reel. Boat reel. Fly reels.
  Lures: Trolling lures and softbaits. Hard wobbler or crankbaits. Spoons and spinners. Jig and rigs.
We also Handle oem or private branding. In house brand Osprey Tackle.

 Fishing Reels.
 Squid Skirts N Other lures
 Tackle and accessories

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NOTE: We do not handle Retail sales. This is B2B site.